Who we are?

Askerteam is a CRM software vendor, based on the Salesforce platform, designed for Financial Services.
Qui Nous Sommes?

AskerteamOur Motto: “We build Smarter CRM solutions for Financial Services".

Askerteam support companies in their digital transformation, with flexible and innovative solutions based on Salesforce platform. We enable our clients to achieve excellence in sales, marketing, customer service and operations.

We have also developed a Financial services customer relationship management (CRM) software Suite, fully
compliant & secured Solution, customizable, scalable and built for growth.

Our solutions embrace all Client Relationship Management, Sales & Marketing, and operational, functions across the business,
that automate workflows, facilitates collaboration & optimizes your operations for growth.

Our objective?

Financial services companies are facing increasing competition and tighter regulatory requirements. Manual processing of KYC / AML, low customer satisfaction and commitment are no longer acceptable.
Sales process automation, powerful online customer services and optimized sales/marketing collaboration processes are critical to long-term success.
We help players in the Financial Services sector deliver exceptional results.

An experienced and passionate management team

With over 25 years of experience in IT consulting and Financial Services, including 15 years in Salesforce projects, we put customer satisfaction at the center of our commitment.

Arnaud Mercier
CEO & Co-Fondateur
Technical Architect
Frédéric Portier