CRM Solutions for Financial Services

Forge lasting customer relationships and accelerate digital transformation.
Solutions CRM pour les services financiers

Nos solutions CRM pour les Services Financiers sont, entièrement conformes et sécurisés, entièrement construit sur la plate-forme

Askerteam édite des outils puissants dont vous avez besoin pour rester en contact avec vos clients en temps réel, entretenir des relations plus approfondies et accroître votre productivité et votre croissance.

Hedge Funds

Manage your distribution business effectively, including road shows, investors and customers. Never miss your goals with innovative tools that manage, track and measure the progress of your distribution activities in real time.

Family Offices

Optimize the Family Offices' customer relationship, monitor research, perform due diligence, manage their portfolio in all asset classes, analyze performance and generate reports.


Wealth Management

Salesforce offers a Wealth Management solution that builds deep customer relationships, integrates key systems to increase user acceptance, and effectively supports compliance processes.


Private Equity

Make faster, more accurate decisions with powerful data analytics that give you a 360° view of your investments and investors, helping you build investor confidence and credibility.

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Adopt an innovative CRM for your sales and marketing processes. You'll find new customers and can manage your transactions and activities in one place.